greenhouse emission from coal mine

EPA Won't Regulate Coal Mine Emissions - . The EPA will not set methane emissions rules for coal mines, according to a document published in the Federal Register today. EarthJustice had petitioned the EPA to add coal mines to the Clean Air Act list of stationary sources and use the law to regulate their greenhouse gas emissions, similar ... Read more » A life cycle comparison of greenhouse emissions for . Four life cycle assessment models have been developed and analyzed to compare (greenhouse gas) GHG emissions of coal mining, coal gasification and power generation through conventional pulverized coal fired power plants (PCC), supercritical coal fired (SCPC) power plants, integrated gasification combined cycle plants for coal (Coal . Mine Site Greenhouse Mitigation - ACARP Mine Site Greenhouse Mitigation . Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions is critical to the long-term viability of Australia's coal operations. Our work in this area primarily focuses on estimating fugitive methane emissions from open cut operations and mitigating the methane in underground mine ventilation air.    Read More